warco mini lathe review

Price: £975 from warco.co.uk as of May 2012. The change wheels are held in place by small circular clips which slide over and behind the square heads on the shafts (7). This plate extends about 50mm beyond the rear of the lathe making it the motor up or down. You can also see on the right (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We would like to hear from you about a model you have made or a particular tool that you find useful. Hi - Ok! and probably should not be used as a matter of routine to stop the lathe. I discarded the original nuts and washers and used flanged nuts instead, this makes attaching a chuck slightly So the Warco WM240B was ordered and delivered 3 weeks later (delivery included) and the delivery person was happy to deliver and move the lathe to a point that I could then unpack and install. wider than necessary if you have limited space for installation. control board is situated just below the buttons fixed to the rear of cabinet. I did all of the usual things of checking that there was power at the main plug and that the fuse was intact and all was fine. But I have no doubt that as people come to appreciate the 7x lathe in its newer more refined guises this will change. 1.5mm. The main electronic speed The headstock (1) is basically a box shaped casting that is bolted onto the bed and carries the spindle set in tapered roller bearings. The image above shows the latest model from the Warco catalogue, it has a few minor differences from my 2007 vintage lathe. As can be seen the gearbox is oil filled with a filler plug high on the right hand side and a drain plug low on the Not really a quick change gearbox a working clearance you can detect stiff patches as you turn them probably indicating that some of the holes are not quite concentric with One thing I didn’t try was to switch it on, holding the green button in and then rotating the chuck to see if it would then rotate – as someone later pointed out the capacitors on the motors have a tendency to fail. Some of our biggest selling machines fall into this category. It has taken me months of looking and comparing lathes to get to the point where I ordered this lathe. This has improved gearbox and electrical controls and i am sure it is the same price. The black lever switch on the right is forward - off - reverse, useful for screw cutting but it should be noted that the motor does not run at full speed in reverse. The lathe features two speed bands to allow torque in the lower speeds, and is infinitely variable from from 0–1,250 and from 0-2,500RPM. Compact size, ideal for bench mounting. off whilst running at high speed! electrics cabinet and the motor mounting plate are attached to it. or Best Offer. The studs supplied with the chucks tend to be a little long, not The speed controller has failed once, when having a dig in situation, but luckily Warco replaced the unit (excellent service!) I did consider a mini-lathe, but the greater robustness of the WM180, and the extras which Warco offered with it, persuaded me to dig a bit deeper into my wallet. So far though they have stayed in place. I took the arm off to clean it up, you can see Thread cutting gearbox. Incidently, Warco offer an improved version of the 1330, i think it's the WM 330 A. I have to bid on it this week, so please be quick, likes dislikes, any thing. Shop with confidence on eBay! I gave serious consideration to taking a hacksaw or angle grinder to it! The alignment of this is tricky to get right. A review of the Warco WM240B lathe, made in China and supplied in the UK by Warco. Although it doesn’t see very heavy use it is used every day, a lot of repeat jobs, stand offs, extractable dowel pins and simple stuff. With the chuck and steadies removed it was just about possible to lift the lathe between two of us. easier. The warning I got from the Quantum importer was that the variable speed units had a habit of failing. If you follow the manual and put a piece of paper between the wheels when setting up they work quite freely. two dead centres, four-way toolpost, swarf tray and rear splash guard. There is an allen headed bolt which pulls the spindle to the Grizzly G9729 is made for DIY, hobbyist, and small shop owners. This comment made me wary of the other variable speed lathes which may be unfair (would love to know your experience). 4 months old: a cracking piece of equipment that I would highly recommend. Here are ten great options to look at when considering the purchase of a Mini Metal Lathe . I made up a piece of 1/4″ steel packing as it is very useful sometimes to use 1/4″ square HSS tools as they can give you a bit more access, especially when machining a recess. The lathe manufacturer Warco offers you a wide range of metal lathes, which is named Warco lathe, which gives you the opportunity to acquire the ideal tool for metal machining. Warco WM 250 Lathe - Review Part 3. Also provided is a toolbox with assorted spanners, allen keys, chuck keys, toolpost key and the change gears that are not fitted. It does the job amazingly what it is made for. One thing that is lacking with this lathe is the lowest speed of 100rpm. Also, clearance on the cross-slide adjustment bolts is not great with an allen key left in this bolt – also be careful to release before you apply the auto feed. After lots of broken tools and some very poorly formed fins I realised that the saddle was moving under the load. £4.10 postage. Hi I am thinking of getting a warco 1440 lathe , it is the same as the Enco 1340 or 1440. what do you think ?????????? The review continues with a more detailed look at the bed, saddle, and top-slide:-, Overall Dimensions - 1194x610x432mm (47x24x17"). Having used aluminium tool packing for some time I would not recommend it as it has a tendency to pick up any pieces of metal left behind and they get embedded into the aluminium. The wheels The Mini Lathe has long been a popular part of the Warco range, always representing top value for money and an excellent introduction to metal turning. Minimum 500mm between centres. A minor criticism is that the backplate is The best resource on the net for metal turning is MIT. Photo (5) above shows the intermediate pulley arrangement, the rough looking stud holds the cover in place. down. With the chuck and steadies removed it was just about possible to lift the lathe between two of us. I guess that no-one at the factory ever checked to see if all the proposed change gear set-ups worked but just went with what the calculator said. The result is they do not always sit flat. This is one of the more tacky pieces of the lathe and is just not to the same quality as the rest of the construction. I find it is a great machine mechanically, but the electronic speed control, which isn’t terrible, is its downfall. Copyright © 2021 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes. Leadscrew covers, lever operated tailstock, emergency stop button and a slightly different speed display. I had not modified it or altered it and the only major maintenance was to scrape in and re-shim the white-metal spindle bearings. the outer edges. Review. Top Features: The Erie Tools provides users up to 2500 RPM (revolutions per minute) of … If you have large fingers trying to hold the chuck in place Just so that you can appreciate the size and capacity of the lathe I have included some of the basic details from the catalogue I have added the equivalent details for the old ML7 alongside for comparison:-. (perhaps 30 years ago when home workshops generally had a lathe but a milling machine was a real luxury this feature was of greater importance). Brand New. The cover over the belts and gears is made from fibreglass and is fixed in place by two knurled thumbwheels. Click & Collect. (1) 1 product ratings - DC 12V 24W DIY Miniature Metal Multifunction Mini Lathe Machine 20000Rev/min £100.00. Any info on the lathe would be great, is it any good or bad ????? Shop by category ... Quick Change Tool Post For Mini Lathe 7x10.12.14. The I discovered an error on mine which hopefully will have been fixed on later models. Although I do think we will both know we lifted it for the next couple of days! Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. I couldn't find smooth faced flange nuts so I made a small threaded mandrel and turned the serrations off to make nice smooth backs. The plans are a rich mix of technical drawings, images of the parts and notes. Although I do think we will both know we lifted it for the next couple of days!!. There is normally a spring loaded cover with a red stop-lock button over the NVR but I tried moving the bed with this tightened you can still move the bed slightly – you will need to have a play and get used to how tight it needs to be to stop the bed moving. a substantial steel plate which serves to hold the various sub assemblies in place. whilst putting nuts and washers on the three studs can be a bit of a challenge. It adopts corded electric power-source and comes with … The shafts are threaded I also find it struggles to tap a hole bigger than M6 with the motor, the speed needs to be kept quite high. From United States +C $12.74 shipping. I bought a left-hand and a right-hand TCT cutting tool from Glanze. Wanting to purchase a good quality lathe (and milling machine) that must offer the following: Fit on benchtop. The Mini Lathe has long been a popular part of the Warco range, always representing top value for money and an excellent introduction to metal turning. forgets to mention how to release it, (5) two spanner flats on the spindle which unscrew it from a captive t-nut in a slot. Some of the finishes were better on the ML7 no rough edges or sharp corners but then again I don′t know what it was like when new! Warco ER25 Collet Chuck – I′m impressed. My lathe is a Warco WM180, offered under different names and paint jobs by other suppliers - see the Introduction. The lathe comes as standard with a three jaw chuck, a four jaw chuck, faceplate, traveling and fixed steadies, C $15.29. The tailstock is a two part iron casting. New NVR Switch – There was no bang or sparks or smoke, I switched the Warco WM240B lathe off and it just would not restart. I have also discovered that despite the change wheel banjo having the corner removed it is still not possible to use some of the suggested gear set-ups as the banjo hits the spindle before the gears go into mesh! Warco New Super Mini Lathe Now with upgraded specification. Grizzly is one of the most famous names in the realm … And PS, just to show off my ignorance, I think 'Maximum swing' (180mm) is the max diameter workpiece it will turn, but what is 'Swing over cross slide' (100mm)? Removing the front plate from the headstock reveals very little, apart from the wiring The motor also drives a V pulley with three steps that is used for the three highest spindle speeds. The spindle has an integral backplate which has a 52mm register for mounting the work-holding device. Nothing can be compared to Grizzly when we talk about the lathe mill combos. One of the first things that struck me when first using this lathe was how stiff the toolpost is allowing you to take very large cuts. I have decided it will be a warco but not sure what is the best. Upgrading the Mini Mill with Taper Roller Bearings, Spindle Speeds: 125, 210, 420, 620, 1000, 2000rpm. It is apparent from the circuit diagram in the manual, that this switch does not work in the same way as the NVR stop button The gears appear quite well made although if you push them tight together without The Warco/Amadeal 500w brushed motor may be more powerful than the other brushed versions. The change gears are mounted on an adjustable arm which pivots about the leadscrew axis (6). I have machined wheel hubs for a rally car, cylinder barrell for an air-cooled IC engine with some difficult deep fins and have machined some finer detailed parts at 1000rpm. HOME, AND INDEX TO SITE CONTENTS Thanks for looking in. A smaller base section that is fitted to the bed and … graham howe: 25/11/2012 18:25:29: 16 … This chart compares the specifications of the major brands of the mini lathe. As part of our range of variable speed lathes, this machine features the exceptional build quality our range has become well known for.. Grizzly G8688 Mini Metal Lathe, 7 x 12-Inch. Essential site: Mini-Lathe.org.uk Best site for these lathes: Mini-lathe.com My workshop lathe needs are pretty small, the space even smaller, so this fit the bill perfectly. A better way is to use brass shims or an old set of feeler gauges. 100mm flange: SIEG is a far bigger and powerful operation than the other mini-lathe operations based in Anhui. Drop us a line at editor@glue-it.comÂ. Its worked very well for me and Im only selling it because i was offered a good replacement. As yet this has been running fine, but have thought that I ought to buy a spare belt…. The circlips are not a standard thickness and fit better on one shaft than the other. It is difficult to compare the new with the old as the two machines are from different generations the Myford pretty well hand built in the 50′s and the WM 250 more mass produced in 2005. Whilst I can see the reasoning, I am not convinced that it needed I would like a milling machine of the same quality if possible – with the belt drive….. 3 years and 8 months old: this is the workhorse for all of the metal turning that I do. An engine lathe can also be a bench lathe, but the 'engine' term was applied to machines made to cut to tolerances acceptable in the making or remanufacturing of engines and other items which don't require the tight precision of a 'toolroom' (your next question?) This is a small, single-phase lathe with a milling/drilling attachment fitted to the headstock. You need to use the start-stop I've been making models since I was around 7 years old and using a lathe from the age of 11, a self taught engineer with a passion for making model engines. Warco WM180 and similar lathes - modifications. The plate is bolted to the headstock and in turn the from the inset there are some substantial burrs left on it. A toothed belt drive is used to get the reduction to a 3 stage v-belt pulley and the toothed drive is very quiet. This is a review of my WMT 300/2 Combined Lathe and Milling Machine, which I bought from Warco (Warren Machine Tools) in the UK. much ventilation, after prolonged use the motor and the speed control board above it have made the lathe quite warm. Grizzly Industrial G9729-31" 3/4 HP Lathe Mill Combo - Top Pick. The Warco range of variable speed bench turning lathes. 20 years ago, the standard home workshop had a Myford lathe. left behind the belt and gear cover (see Maintenance Oil Change). Require no ‘fixing’ from new to start using (quality). slide up and off. Immediately below the headstock is the gearbox (2) which bears the curiously worded reminder to "Don" not to take the knobs I know for certain that a new Myford would cost three times as much and probably would not make a better job of anything than the WM 250 can do. 1. The tool clamping bolts have a square head and the lathe comes with a special T-handle box spanner. only about 15mm from the headstock, which can make chuck mounting a little awkward. Very difficult to see as everything is painted matt black and in the shadows. So the Warco WM240B was ordered and delivered 3 weeks later (delivery included) and the delivery person was happy to deliver and move the lathe to a point that I could then unpack and install. They are usually quite easily repairable by replacing the two thyristors on the PCB though! (See Screw-cutting for more details). Shop by category. I have been machining a cylinder for a new engine and so using a parting tool to cut the grooves for the cooling fins. However, there is a fundamental design flaw with the lathe that is not so great. Changing the Chuck on a Warco Lathe – this is not a difficult process, just needs some care and take your time to clean the surfaces before reassembling. The final photo in this section shows a view of the chuck guard (8). Each and every machine is supplied with an accuracy test report. Will have to see if somebody out there has designed a further reduction drive – my other thought was to fit a 3 phase motor and then an inverter speed control – thoughts? See Maurice′s Mods Change Gear Silencer for a solution. Compact size, ideal for bench mounting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I bought a warco wmt300/2 combined lathe mill a few years ago. So it is very easy to change tools. Anyone got any experience of the Warco Super Mini to pass on? Save warco lathe to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Google Swarfrat as well for instructional DVDs etc. Hi all. The primary drive is via a toothed belt and the tension on this can be adjusted by loosening the four motor fixing bolts and sliding to mention different lengths. Whilst this works it does not appear very secure as the circlips are free to Nigel, I am a machinist for work and have been using the Warco WM250, a very similar machine, for roughly the last year (bought from new). Selection below includes the affordable Mini, Super Mini, WM 180 and WM 250 lathe. The motor drives a toothed belt reduction drive for the three lowest speeds in the range with a V-belt pulley with 3 steps that then drives the spindle.

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