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But quilting has never been my thing, too tedious and time-consuming. This baby quilt is charming with its crisp look and circa 1930s reproduction fabrics. Join the rows. Modern and Quick Baby Quilts. Try a classic quilt pattern that’s ideal for any beginning quilter. Baste the layers together (using thread, safety pins or spray baste). This simple pattern only requires two batik charm packs for a nice size baby quilt. Personally, I don’t think there is an ‘ugly’ quilt, all quilts are beautiful. « How to Make a Lettered Appliqué Mini-Quilt. In most cases, some of the fabrics blend into each other, making them a perfect choice if you'd like to make a scrap quilt.​. Do not include selvage edges in square shapes. Because they’re quilts, you can make them as colorful as you please. This quilting project uses prints from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Sew the quilt blocks in each row together. Going Up Baby Quilt Pattern - mix and match your favorite fabrics to make modern … I was given a list of quilts I could make and from that list I decided to make the Bloom and Bliss Receiving Blanket because it is entirely made of Half Square Triangles (HST). Experimenting with individual squares is an excellent way to become familiar with color value, an important ingredient that allows the quilt's layout to emerge when patches are sewn together. Easy baby quilts are perfect for beginners or anyone that just wants to make a quilt in no time at all. This version of the X's and O's quilt allows the individual letters to shine. The white fabric frames the half square triangle blocks made in pastel fabrics. You put your time and talents, whether you are a newbie, or a professional, and even though there may be a few boo boos it is your creation. Happy Sewing. I’m sending this quilt to Newfoundland and it will be a gift for new mom who is my daughter’s friend. Well, I know a better way and you’re going to love it. Make two of all rows except the middle row. piecesbypolly. Cotton batting was never going to cut it in Newfoundland ~ even in their brief summer. Easy baby quilt patterns are perfect for beginning quilters who are making their first quilt or for people who don't want to invest in lots of tools. This is such a cute quilt! Looking for a simple quilting project? Cut seven 5" strips from selvage to selvage, Cut seven 5" wide strips from selvage to selvage, To make the first row of the top block, sew two light warm squares next to each other. You will need: 1 1/2 yards of background fabric. Easy Baby Quilt with Batik Charm Squares. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. Consider one of those en vogue patterns! Let’s be honest, here. The baby quilts are made from simple fabric squares. Success! 21. And that makes it a real win for this beginner quilter. There is also a companion video to help with the assembling. Sew the rows together, butting seams to match. See below for finishing materials and instructions. The small size makes them come together quickly, and they are wonderful for beginners to practice their skills on. Press seam allowances in adjoining rows in opposite directions. Refer to the left portion of the illustration for block layouts. This baby girl quilt pattern is perfect for fat quarters and is simple to make. Piecing is a snap with this pattern because the pattern uses 10″ the pre-cut fabrics. Please click and save for your Pinterest followers. This Sunshine and Shadows version of the easy baby quilt finishes at about 41" x 50" and is made with (99) 5" x 5" squares. You needn't learn quick-piecing methods because it's easy to arrange each square side by side. Give this baby quilt pattern a try, its a terrific one you can do in an afternoon or a weekend. Fun wavy lines, from the top to the bottom, adding a fun design to the soft flannel fabric. Are you making something for a hip mom? Try fabric precuts to make assembly even easier. Baby Quilt Patterns PDF 2 For 1 Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners and Free Lovey Pattern MapleCottageDesigns. This precious quilt is fashionable yet practical. It does … Next, sew a medium cool square to a warm square. 20 FREE baby quilts that are easy, simple and even for beginners – from start to finish these handmade baby quilts you can sew at home. For easy quilting ideas that don’t take much time, think small and make some of the adorable quilted pot holders. Easy baby quilt patterns are perfect for beginning quilters who are making their first quilt or for people who don't want to invest in lots of tools. These quilts are quick and easy projects with straightforward patterns that can easily be adapted for any fabric, gender, or decor. Once all of the pieces were sewn together and assembled all that remained was making a quilt sandwich and then quilting the project. Fabrics are from the Tonga Smile collection by Timeless Treasures Fabrics. Baby Quilts for Girls; ... For a quick-to-make baby quilt, set off eight star blocks with vertical-print sashing strips. I came across your easy-to-do baby quilt and was thrilled on how simple and quick this is to complete. Square up one end of each strip. Long narrow rows of fabric squares can be stretchy. X's and O's Quilt. This baby quilt is a fun way to use up a Fat Quarter pack of fabric. about 1 yard total of other coordinating fabrics or scraps - enough to cut 72 squares 4’’ x 4’’. If you prefer to cut with scissors, begin by cutting a 5-inch square from rigid template plastic. Approximately 42’’ x 42’’ square. The square quilt blocks are so easy to assemble, too. Some are simple designs that you can sew in a day. Don't worry, use any fabrics you like that contrast with each other and the layout will be perfect, just learn how to use a simple color wheel. The quilt finishes at about 41" x 54 1/2". Press seam allowances in adjacent rows in opposite directions. stitchedincolor. Here's what you need to finish your baby quilts: Janet is the author of the Rodale book "Classic American Quilt Collection: Stars" and has contributed to dozens of other books and patterns as both a writer and editor. I could’ve taken it even further and filled in some of those squares and triangles with free motion quilting. Precut squares make it fast and easy to make any quilt project because you just arrange the squares side by side and sew them together. Now busy cutting my children fat quarters into 10 ” squares. Love half square triangles. You have to give credit to FatQuarterShop.com for the fabric. As a quilting newbie I am still learning and don’t often get quilting complements. Easy and Free Baby Quilt Patterns Baby quilt patterns can be simple while making a big impact, especially with color. If you’re like me then you probably give personalized baby gifts for friends and family ~ right? However, thanks for quilting complement. Make five more identical units. I love the fabrics and the simple quilting you did. Make this triangle quilt in a little over an hour. It’s pieced strips cut into triangles. It was beyond easy and any level sewist could tackle this project and come out a winner. Many can be made with pre-cut fabric packs as well. Determine how many of your squares you will need per side. 18. It doesn’t look the same. See the next step for finishing materials and instructions. Browse through this set of lovely quilts and download them for an inspiration to knit a quilt for your little bunch of joy! I have a new Great grand baby due in June and I’m going to make this quilt. Look for precuts that are called charm packs, bundles that are usually made up of a coordinating assortment of 5" squares. Square baby quilts are also common and a baby quilt that is 40" to 42" square can use a 44" wide fabric for the back. This easy baby quilt is assembled with squares that are arranged into groups to create the traditional Field and Furrows layout. The overall design enabled me to continue working with half square triangles. Keep in mind, the video shows how to make a receiving blanket. While batik charm packs are fun to collect, they are also fabulous to use for quick and easy quilt projects. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share a commission. From shop MapleCottageDesigns. It’s part of kit. 19. I used a single piece of fabric for the backing which makes it that much faster to assemble. Zoo Dwellers Baby Quilt Pattern - This is a simple quilt pattern that uses large blocks to make a fun quilt for baby. Churn Dash Quilt. Use vibrant prints, panels, and borders to make a quick and easy quilt. If you already own rotary cutting equipment, cut the long strips of fabric required for each layout. Arrange squares to create the rows for the top of the quilt, shown in the diagram. I like the way you were still able to put your own twist on this receiving blanket while using the kit. My grandma was an amazing hand quilter and wouldn’t have machine stitched this little quilt. Keep them coming. Fill big areas with large-scale prints, fussy-cutting the prints to … Instead of making this a receiving blanket, I decided to add binding. A fat quarter of fabric: Is a pre-cut piece of fabric that measures 18″ x 22″. You will have to rely on your own talents if you want to turn this into a quilt. The size is 39" by 39", just right for the stroller, the crib or the floor. Place the square of fabric (the "quilt top") on top of a layer of quilt batting. Easy Baby Quilt | The Sewing Room ChannelEasy to follow instructions for making a baby quilt. Batik Baby Quilt Spoil a new baby with an easy-to-assemble quilt in sweet sherbet colors that showcase your quilting. Arrange the components into six rows as shown, above right. Arrange in two rows as illustrated and press seam allowances in opposite directions. 22. 40+ Free Baby Quilt Patterns. Here at The Seasoned Homemaker® every day can be extraordinary when we Celebrate Creativity together! As a new-ish quilter I believe that having a thorough understanding of HST’s will be beneficial as I begin designing more quilts on my own. Deb. Your email address will not be published. Batik Charm Square Brick Path Baby Quilt. Easy Baby Quilt Pattern. Child’s Play - Easy Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt Pattern. I was so focused on my HST’s that I let that override my “it’s for a baby” thinking. Thank you for letting me know. It has a much loftier look as a quilt. Not sure about the definition of 'cool' and 'warm' fabrics. See the method used on the next step for an example. simplesimonandco. You needn't learn quick-piecing methods because it's easy to arrange each square side by side. Each row is made up of nine squares. If you are ready to start quilting …a smaller easy quilts… baby quilts are the perfect place to start. If squares are larger, that's fine—sewing with larger squares will simply change a quilt's dimensions. diaryofaquilter. Sew together with a. Quilting with half square triangles is really one of the best ways to understand quilt construction. I think the colors are ideal for a baby girl. You might not need to mark at all if you either quilt in the ditch or create straight diagonal quilting lines. This baby quilt has simple quilt blocks that go together quickly. Recently, my friends at Fat Quarter Shop asked if I’d like to join them in celebrating their Top 10 Videos from 2015. Quilts that use precuts are great for beginners because all of the fabrics are perfectly mixed and matched for you. They’re soft, with just the right amount of layers to keep your kiddo warm and happy. mypoppet. Press seam allowances in opposite directions, and then sew the rows together. Press the new seam allowance towards the row with two, To make the second block type, sew two medium cool squares together. Baby Quilt Size Chart BABY QUILT SIZE Standard Quilt Size 30" x 40" Square Baby Quilts 30" square, 34" to "36" square or even 40" square Crib Size Quilt 36" x 52" Baby Quilt … Starting at the squared up end, cut 5" squares—eight are usually possible from each selvage-width strip. It is beautiful! How … Press the baby quilt. From SewAdorableFabrics.com. These over-sized HST’s were perfect for continuing my education. This quilt can be made using quilt scraps in your stash or with some precut squares. thank you for the inspiration and end my sewing block. Quilts are also simple to make. Easy Baby Coin Quilt. Once all of the pieces were sewn together and assembled all that remained was making a quilt sandwich and then quilting the project. Hi, 17. Customizable and Easy to Make. This is my first ‘official’ quilt using Half Square Triangles. The baby quilts are made from simple fabric squares. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Yes, you read that correctly! Unfortunately, the contest is only available on Instagram. Cut from selvage to selvage, with each strip 5" wide. I didn’t because I wanted the quilt to remain soft and pliable for a baby. Cut out the squares required for each layout. For my batting I chose a leftover piece of wool batting. If you scroll further down you’ll see exactly what I mean. Find the full tutorial for this Easy Beginner Baby quilt over on the Craftsy blog. Easy Triangle QuiltThis quilt looks harder than it really it. There was an error submitting your subscription. Align a square with its horizontal neighbor, right sides together. Take a look at other baby quilt patterns if you're looking for quilts with more variety in their patches. Your email address will not be published. Jul 12, 2019 - Cute quilts for babies and children. How is that… Use Plain Squares to Sew These Easy Baby Quilts, Use Precut Squares to Simplify Construction, Cut Squares for the Sunshine and Shadows Baby Quilt, Easy 12-Inch Bento Box Quilt Block Pattern, How to Sew an Easy Log Cabin Quilt Pattern. Just chop them in half and stitch them together! Then sew them together with a ​quarter-inch seam allowance. Use a fine pencil or another method to mark the top for quilting. Rectangles make up this easy-to-assemble quilt. Assemble the next unit by sewing a medium cool square to a light warm square. Welcome, I’m Leslie. If you're making it as a gift, personalize the prints to the recipient. Here at The Seasoned Homemaker. This easy quilt is the perfect first project to tackle if your a newbie … Pleated Strips Beginner Quilt. For my batting I chose a leftover piece of wool batting. The Easy Quilting Process. I’m sending this quilt to Newfoundland and it will be a gift for new mom who is my daughter’s friend. An easy baby quilt from start to finish. It is called a fat quarter because it is a ¼ yard of fabric that is cut to yield a larger piece of fabric. Arrange all 11 rows on top of a table or a design wall. What you need is a simple baby quilt that anyone can make in an afternoon. It usually requires a large area and some moving of furniture. Sew the rows together, and then press the new seam towards the row with. She has published over 350+ articles for The Spruce Crafts. Basically, if I can do this than you can do this. To make the whole process easier, Fat Quarter Shop offers the a free pattern which includes a supply list. Perfect for my first childrens charity quIlt. There are many free baby quilt patterns easy which are easy to learn and master the techniques and intricacies in a quilt block.

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