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As with many other livestock-guarding breeds, this was likely developed to help them resemble the sheep they were guarding, which probably helped keep the sheep at ease. Take our quick quiz to reveal your best breed matches or find out how compatible you are with breeds that you like. Many of these dogs are still put to work around the world today. We didn’t intend to leave these wonderful dogs for last — that’s just how the alphabet works out. Nevertheless, they are one of the healthiest dog breeds … Animal Planet. But they are great protectors and family companions if you have some experience with big, assertive breeds, as well as the time to devote to them. Nowadays, these friendly and dependable dogs are just happy to protect their loved ones. These dogs are pretty popular, but they are definitely not a great option for new dog owners. But make no mistake, a sweet-tempered Newfie is a famously good companion. Many working breeds are also used as service, ESA, and therapy dogs today. In 1925, the breed made headlines when Huskies rushed a lifesaving serum to Nome, Ala. to combat a diphtheria epidemic, traveling 658 miles in only five-and-a-half days. For example, while they are some of the easiest dogs to train, they also require quite a bit of activity and will get bored (and therefore destructive) quickly. — serving as war dogs and guardians during the Roman Empire. Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. German Shepherds happily serve as police dogs, seeing eye dogs, medical assistance dogs, and therapy dogs, so it's no surprise that consistent obedience comes standard with this breed. Of course, most dogs who excel at herding are in the — wait for it — herding group, but they don’t have a monopoly on the job. This might not bother all owners, but it can be a point of contention in some families. July 14, 2020. Let us know in the comment section below. As long as they’re socialized when young, they are usually playful and gentle with two-footers. 20 min read 11. This breed’s name translates roughly to “bodyguard-dog.” As you might imagine, they have strong protective instincts and an opposing appearance, which works as their first line of defense against intruders. This beautifully big pooch is confident, ready to work, and best of all loyal. National Dog Show 2020 on Thanksgiving: See all breeds competing at the National Dog Show, which airs on Thanksgiving on NBC and the NBC Sports app. Herding tendencies can be a hiccup for some families, however. Many of these dog breeds will herd whether you train them to or not. Breeds As with all adoptions, it's best to match your dog to your lifestyle and vice-versa. But given their large size, strength, and assertive natures, working breeds demand even more careful consideration. Each of the 32 dog breeds in this group is ranked by its AKC 2018 popularity rank, which was released in March 2019. There are two separate... Boxer. In fact, black Russian terriers often tip the scales at 140 pounds, and they can stand as high as 30 inches. You have successfully joined our pup pack. They also have pretty specific grooming needs, you’ll have to budget for. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Giant schnauzers particularly love games that challenge their body and mind. And because their herding instincts are not as strong today as some other dog breeds, they probably won’t try to herd your children. Because of this, many are very alert and will guard instinctually, even if their ancestors haven’t guarded anything for a long time. Bullmastiff. He’s a confident pup with an unrivaled work ethic and natural herding instinct. your own Pins on Pinterest Not only did they specialize in dramatic water rescues, they also hauled fishing nets to shore and carted the day’s catch to market. The above breeds are just a sampling of the many herding breeds that exist. Also called Pyrenean mountain dogs, these huge dogs are “gentle giants” toward their owners — but have a... Doberman and German Pinscher. If someone needs a dog to get something done, they are almost always going to choose a working breed. This breed exhibits a deep sense of loyalty toward its family members. A close relative of the Bernese mountain dog, the greater Swiss mountain dog is known for being a dependable and hard worker. These dogs are big and bulky; most will weigh at least 40 pounds, and some may be up to 200 pounds in extreme cases. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. Best family Smartest Best guard Kid friendly Best watch Easy to train Low shedding Color White Black Blue Brown Red Grey Golden Group Toy Sporting Hound Terrier Working Herding We’ll try to give you a brief overview of each below, to help you whittle down your options. Today’s Mastiff is definitely more docile and friendly than its ancient forebears, but is still fiercely protective of those he loves. Do you work long hours but still want the companionship of a dog? Female is 28–32 inches (71–81 cm) Weight. In the past, we’ve talked about what dog breeds are best for busy families, but what about the best dog for a single working female or a single man?. A whopping 20% of remote workers feel lonely, while 18% are unable to unplug. This dignified and courageous Japanese breed was developed in the 17th century as a powerful hunter with a strong... Alaskan Malamute. The dogue de bordeaux is not as easy to train as some other breeds, so you’ll need to have some experience with dogs to succeed with these awesome dogs. Siberian Husky. There are also other breeds used as service dogs, of course, depending on what job needs to be performed. But instead of sniffing out illegal objects, you teach your dog to recognize and detect the smell of birch, anise, and clove. Canadian fishermen relied upon the strikingly large and powerful Newfoundland to help on ships. However, these lovable goofballs don’t always seem to understand just how big they are. As you may suspect given their thick, white coats, Samoyeds were bred to work in some of the world’s coldest climates. Daily brushing is a must, and you’ll even want to invest in a quality pet vacuum to maintain your home. Explore our working dog breeds list to find the right fit for you. Great Danes are somewhat common and are best known for their gigantic size, as they’re usually considered the largest existing breed. Again, these dogs were often used as guard dogs in some capacity, even if that wasn’t their breed’s primary purpose. If you’re looking to buy a dog for your children, make sure it’s one that will suit their personality perfectly. Originally developed for the Samoyede people who migrated to Siberia, Sammies were able to endure temperatures of minus-60 degrees. The Dogo Argentino is a pack-hunting dog, bred for the pursuit of big-game such as wild boar and puma, and possesses the strength, intelligence and quick responsiveness of a serious athlete. Known for its sweet smile, the Samoyed is powerful and tireless. Dogs can bring a lot of joy into your life and it is the reason why people enjoy having them around, but some people worry about leaving their dog home alone. You’ve probably seen this breed on the big screen. As one of the most ancient French dog breeds, the Dogue de Bordeaux was around before France was even France. Large dogs, these four footers usually weigh between 70 and 110 pounds or so. Since they’re born with partially webbed feet, it should come as no surprise that Newfies are natural-born swimmers that excel at their jobs. White House photo Portuguese water dogs were originally bred to herd fish, retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and act as couriers from ship to shore. Over time, the breed evolved to become hunters, drafters, and guarders. Herding dog breeds are those traditionally working dogs that have a strong instinct to control the movement of other animals. We’ll discuss several popular working breeds below, but first, let’s talk about some of the traits most working dogs exhibit. Although Neapolitan Mastiffs are quite large, they’re as sweet as they are slobbery, and especially loving around their families. Akita is a large breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. They are huge and imposing, generally scaring intruders off before things get serious. Portuguese Water Dog. Working Dogs: Meet 31 Purposely-Bred Dogs Akita. Personality – Friendly, Gentle, Reserved, Devoted, Loving, Confident. As you may expect of such gigantic canines, they are considered a mastiff breed (they’re sometimes called South African mastiffs) and likely share a common ancestor with other mastiffs. Still, we just love working … Scent Games. For some owners, this may be considered a good thing. These ancient canines are supreme guard dogs. Willing to hunt, herd or work beside you in … Graceful and mischievous, the Siberian Husky was utilized as a sled dog and was capable of hauling light loads over vast expanses of frozen wasteland in sub-zero temperatures. Next time you hear the phrase “work like a dog,” you’ll know exactly what it means! The breed is formerly known to be the fisherman’s helper, they used to help in picking ropes, picking up fish from North Atlantic. The Boxer is a breed belonging to the working group which was developed in Germany, bred from Old English Bulldog and the now-extinct Bullenbeisser. Choosing your new best friend can be quite a challenge! He wanted to shape an American sled dog that had power, endurance, and speed, along with a friendly and gentle nature. However, they are aloof around strangers, which means that it is vital for them to be socialized early and often. Many of them want to work. The Akita (Japan), the Komondor (Hungary), the Portuguese water dog, the Newfoundland, the Saint Bernard (Switzerland), the Alaskan Malamute, the Bernese Mountain dog (Switzerland) and many more make this group a veritable United Nations of dogs. Working dog breeds come from all over the world and are, as their name suggests, hard-working breeds specifically developed to excel in specialist, non-herding jobs. The best medium dog breeds. If you are a working dog, your prospects for employment are good. Huskies can certainly make excellent family pets, but you need to know what you’re getting into and have a plan for keeping Huskies busy with toys. You don’t want to add Fido to your family only to discover that your lifestyles are simply incompatible. Siberian huskies are great dogs, who can be a decent choice for first-time owners, but they are also a huge handful. Blue-Eyed Beauties: 19 Breeds with Blue Eyes. They are one of the best dog breeds for … Eventually, their duties dwindled thanks to technology, but they’re still used for water rescue to this day. But when it comes to working intelligence (i.e. Many of these dogs could historically also turn their paw to other working roles where needed.

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