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It was believed in the Ayurvedic system of healing that consuming high amounts of horse gram may lead to an increase in body heat. As the concern over individual health is increasing day by day, people are turning towards good old natural foods like Finger Millet(Ragi), Kodo millet and others that were known to keep fit and healthy. A delicious dish is prepared by using Horse Grams along with tender. In traditional medicine, Ulavalu were used to treat various illnesses like fevers and respiratory problems. If you ever take a trip to these places don’t forget to taste these delicious food items. Horse gram is known to reduce medha dhatu (body fat) and kapha dosha which are root causes for obesity. To prepare this dish, wash 1 cup of horse gram thoroughly and soak them overnight with a good amount of water. They are hard deposits of minerals that form inside the kidneys and are majorly made up of calcium compounds. The remaining boiled grains can be mashed and added to the dish to bring a thicker consistency. Flowers are small and appear as if divided into two identical halves and attached in the middle just like a butterfly and they usually come in white color. It grows best in the dry and warm climate with temperatures around 30oC and does well in most soil varieties. Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. An interesting finding from the study was, high dose of horse gram was more effective and had shown a comparable effect with standard drug Atorvastatin (10). Source: USDA They offer good amount of amino acids – arginine, tryosain and lysine, but deficient in cystine and tryptophan. Horse gram offers good amount of protein – nearly one fourth of its weight. The legumes are cooked in a sauté pan to prepare a dish called “Ras”. When you find the article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends or colleagues. In India, Horse Gram is believed to be beneficial for treating kidney stones. After that, drain the boiled water into a separate bowl. Seeds: The large seeds can be round or slightly flattened in shape. © 2021 (Only Foods). A study conducted at the Banaras Hindu University (India)found that horse gram seeds with spices are used as a remedy for cold, sore throat, and fever as it generates heat ( 2 ). The leaves of the plant are large and trifoliate (three leaflets attached). It is rich source of Iron, calcium, potassium and molybdenum. Free from Side Effects. That’s it simple, delicious and nutrient rich ulava charu is ready. More active horses, those performing work, those that are growing and lactating, have higher calorie requirements and can tolerate somewhat higher levels of sugar and starch than idle horses or those with metabolic issues. However, the plant doesn’t tolerate waterlogging and frost. Here is a general description of this climbing plant: Leaves: It has trifoliate leaves with each leaflet growing between 2.5 cm and 5 cm in breadth. Plethora and tuberculosis patients should avoid eating Horse Gram. Sign Up. A pudding that was prepared by using rice, stir fried horse gram grains and a pinch of turmeric was known to ward off infectious organisms that were known to upset stomach. Here is what the esteemed NCBI research organization has to say about horse gram nutrition benefits: “Horse gram is an underutilized pulse crop grown in wide range of adverse climatic conditions. It is now mainly cultivated in tropical Asian countries especially in India, where horse gram is commonly used in cooking. Horse Gram is a kind of bean commonly used in many South Indian states. They can tolerate saline soils with the preferred pH range being 6.0 to 7.5. Horse grams are packed with nutrients and are an excellent source of several compounds like iron, molybdenum. Horse gram is commonly used in Tamil dishes, including kollu chutney, kollu porial, kollu avial, kollu sambar, and kollu rasam in Tamil Nadu. It is also popularly used for making curries and soups. Horse gram is a great source of antioxidants, this lentil is a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are essential in preventing free radicals from damaging the cells and tissues. Research conducted on horse gram had said that its seeds contain compounds that are known to inhibit the calcium phosphate crystallization that acts as a major constituent of kidney stones. Now add some jaggery and cream and cook for about a minute. The scientific name of horse gram is Macrotyloma Uniflorum. Ayurveda acharyas recommend this to balance kapha dosha . In Maharashtra, it is used for making pithla, kulith usal and laddu. Verdc had also shown that the horse grams have potential analgesic properties (12,13). It is also beneficial for reducing flatulence. They also help to lower cholesterol levels. They also have some medicinal uses. What you eat is part of what you are and what you will become. If you are on a weight loss journey and are looking for some great foods to add to your meal plans, then you need to look into horse gram. The Food Chart - Your One-Stop Source For Nutrition Information. Nutrition Chart Showing Highest Calcium Rich Cereals and Grains With Indian Names . Required fields are marked *. Balancing the intake of calories with that of other essential nutrients is necessary in these types of horses. Boiled seeds of horse gram are cooked by adding onions, chillies and are tempered with spices to make a variety of dishes in India. Glycemic Index: 0, Calories:175, Net carbs: 0, Protein: 28.14. It is also very good for human consumption. Richest in Protein: 28g (67% of DV), Iron: 5mg (28% of DV). This plant is native to different parts of India. Propagation of this plant is done by seeds. In Kerala, Horse Gram is known as Muthira which sounds like “kuthira”, which means “horse” in Malayalam. The flowers are 1.3 cm to 2 cm long. Interestingly, when horse gram and musk melon were combined, it resulted in a synergistic effect showing diuresis and significant increase of sodium ions in urine. Applying a paste of powdered Horse Gram along with some water on the skin helps to control boils and skin rashes. They turn nearly black when dried. The scientific name for these plants is Macrotyloma uniflorum. The effect of the extract is higher than the standard anti inflammatory drug Voveran compared. Known by several regional names, the kulthi bean, hurali or Madras gram was common food for horses and cattle. Horse Gram water is prescribed for treating jaundice in Andhra Pradesh. Preventing Health Problems and Disease with Diet. Ulavacharu is an authentic recipe prepared in the southern part of India especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions. Calorie Goal 1,679 cal. Serving Size : 130 g. 321 Cal. According to some studies, the lipid extracts of Horse Gram are beneficial for treating peptic ulcer. Horse gram has been used since ancient times for a variety of purposes mainly as a food crop and also as a medicine for the treatment of various problems like menstrual disorders, kidney and bladder stones, etc (1). For obese or emaciated horses, the estimated ideal body weight in kg should be used in the equation rather than current body weight. 5. Chart displaying balance between horse nutrition requirements and your dietary supply. Horse Gram plants can grow in dry areas. However, the diuretic nature exhibited by musk melon was far more significant than Horse gram and furosemide, a standard drug (16). It is beneficial for pregnant women as it helps to increase the body’s blood count. During very heavy work, the horse may benefit Barberry – Types, Medicinal Uses, Nutrition Benefits and Side Effects, Cassia Oil – Composition, Ingredients, Uses, Benefits and Production, Fiddleheads – Types, Nutritional Benefits, Uses, Recipes and Side Effects, Lupins (Lupinus) – Uses, Benefits, Nutritional Value, Growing and Care, Goldenseal Herb – Root, Benefits, Usage and Side Effects, 10 of the Best Triple Sec Drinks with Recipes. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for generic horse-gram and over 2,000,000 other foods at Now add the strained horse gram water to the pan and then add a cup of tamarind juice and also the mashed paste. However, the seeds too have some anti-nutritional components like phytates, polyphenols, hemagglutinin and trypsin inhibitors (2,3). They have some other uses as well. People who hit the gym must consume horse gram regularly as a source of energy. In a study conducted to know the diuretic nature of horse gram and musk melon, had revealed that both the plants had a significant diuretic nature. So, it’s not surprising to see Horse gram becoming popular again as a healthy food source in the recent years due to its potentiality in reducing obesity, helping cope with menstrual problems and aid in bowel moment and other health problems. Required fields are marked *. They are believed to be helpful for keeping the body warm during winter. In another study it was revealed that administration of Horse gram to rabbits induced with high fat diet had shown a significant decline in thiobarbituric acid reactive substance (TBARS) levels, showing the signs of antioxidant nature of the horse gram. The pods of the plant measures about 1.5-2 inches containing 5-6 seeds. The importance of Horse gram for treating wounds is well recognized in folk medicine and several traditional medicinal systems. Your email address will not be published. According to the NRC’s Nutrient Requirements of Horses, the adult horse in minimum work that weighs just over 1000 pounds needs 540 total grams of protein in its diet per day. But, it is advisable to consult a physician if there are any adverse effects. Flowers: Small yellow flowers grow in clusters from the leaf axils. These drugs act by excreting water from the body and significantly lowering the blood pressure. Now take a pan and heat 1 tablespoon of oil. On the other hand, they contain some of the bioactive compounds like phytic acid and phenolic acid that are known to have potential antioxidant activity. Horse gram or Kulthi seeds as whole or ground are consumed as a food by boiling or poaching. 0 %--Fat. They are associated with severe pain while passing through the urinary tract. Horse gram is not as popular as black gram, red gram and green gram, but is still one of the most nutritious legumes (Macrotyloma uniflorum). Upon the phytochemical analysis, the extract had shown the presence of alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, proteins, and carbohydrates that may contribute to its anti inflammatory properties (15). Tropic and sub-tropic climates are ideal for their growth. For w… When thirty different varieties of legumes were studied for their antioxidant activity and phenolic content using different tests, Horse gram was found to be one of them showing high DPPH free radical scavenging activity (9). Kidney stones are one of the common problems of the urinary tract. Our goal is to provide science based information of what horses really need to be healty. Our nutrition charts and tables for fruits, grains, sea food etc. Several studies suggest that diet plays a major role in the prevention of kidney stone formation. Body Condition Chart to Determine Health - Horse's bodies change related to health. * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. Few ayurvedic horse gram recipes which can be used in your diet to aid weight loss has been given in the end of this article. 28 %22 gProtein. Let it boil for 30 mins until the water gets the consistency of a soup. Introduction of Horse Gram: – Horse gram is one of the oldest pulse crops cultivated and consumed in India since centuries whose botanical name is “Macrotyloma uniflorum” and known as “Kulthi” in Hindi. About Food Exercise Apps Community Blog Shop Premium. The crop can be harvested in 3½ to 4 months from the time of sowing. The phenol content of the seeds helps to reduce excessive weight. This water is also used for relieving cough and cold. Horse Gram Farming Guide: Horse Gram Farming. That is how the horses get their 'horse power'. Sign Up. Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) is a pulse crop widely cultivated and consumed in India since ancient times, and native to the south-east Asian subcontinent and tropical Africa. Research conducted using horse gram seed extract had shown that the extract at a dosage of 50mg/kg had exhibited its maximum paw edema inhibition at the third hour of carrageenan induction. The edible seeds are highly nutritious and are used for numerous culinary purposes. Your email address will not be published. Horse Gram also known as Kulth or Muthira in Hindi or Kollu in Tamil, is a variety of pulse found all over India. horse gram nutrition facts and nutritional information. Macrotyloma uniflorum (horse gram, kulthi bean, hurali, Madras gram) is a legume native to tropical southern Asia, commonly grown for horse feed and occasionally for human consumption and in Ayurvedic cuisine. Since ancient times, horse gram is a potential food source for many Indian villages, especially in the farming community. Log In. In Myanmar, dried seeds are boiled with water and are fermented to prepare a sauce that tastes like the soya bean. Another study conducted using fixed oil prepared from Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Controlling fever is another health benefit of Horse Gram. Several studies indicate that Horse gram is known to exhibit powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. With so many feed, supplement and hay choices available, many people find themselves wondering exactly what their horse needs for good health and nutrition. Bacteria and Mold Creates Toxic Food - Mold growth can cause serious horse illnesses. The ability of horse gram in healing a wound can be attributed for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant nature. In addition to that, the GSH levels were also enhanced. Mature Digest Crude Calcium Phosphorus Vit A body energy protein 1,000 weight lbs. They also have some medicinal uses. These legumes help to control various menstrual problems. This plant is native to different parts of India. In another study, an herbal premix prepared with horse gram, whey protein, ginger, and peppermint were tested on animals fed with high fat diet by giving the premix in milk and in the water at a dosage of 1.5g/kg of body weight along with aerobic exercise in different combinations. What you choose for a meal has an impact on our body either positively or negatively. Log In. Daily Goals. One can also make a paste of sour buttermilk and 100 gm powdered Horse Gram and apply it on the main fat deposits of the body. So, you don’t have to worry about the side effects before eating ulavalu seeds. Important values in 100 grams of HORSE GRAM - whole like energy, moisture, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, calcium, Iron and Phosphorus. Diuretic drugs are mostly used to treat high blood pressure and some of them were also used for heart failure and kidney diseases. GSH is also known as glutathione is a major antioxidant capable of fighting against free radicals and also act as a detoxification agent. In addition, they are also a good source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

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